((Things I love dearly that you may find on this blog include My Gorgeous Boyfriend, My beautiful daughter Eliza, MY DAISY & CHLOE!, Harry Potter, Tattoos, Beyonce, Beautiful Alternative Ladies, Photography, Art, Words, Music, Nature & Generally Lovely Things!!))

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Eliza enjoyed her baby rice mixed with mango purée :D
My babies :D <3
@daisyfillingham ‘s cup at Grandma’s house
Baby snoozing whilst bunny keeps guard ;)
Just cotching on the sofa :D
Happy 6 months to my girl Eliza Beatrix <3
Messy Eliza with her Grandpops :)
Morning nap on her belly.. Such a messy sleeper!
Fawkes the Phoenix again :)
Fawkes the Phoenix on my back :)
Eliza in her spring coat with her bunny :D
Asleep with her new bunny rabbit :)
My Easter Sunday outfit :) thank you Aunty Lollipop & Uncle Neal x
Meat. :)
EB talking to me <3